LaFitte Table


LaFitte Table

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Table: Lafitte Pub Table

Retail Price: $1,250



24x30 - 1 1/2 inch strips of mixed hardwoods face glued and bolted together. 4 inches thick!  These blocks are reclaimed manufacturing mats and are extremely solid and well made.  The blocks were originally laid out and heavy stamping presses were placed on top to reduce telegraphing vibration through the floor.  We have nearly 500 of these blocks at our sawmill in Mississippi!!! If you are a restaurant or bar- we can fill your order!  


Game Room and Pub Table:

I decided that the pub tables available at most "billiard shops" are not very appealing IMO.  They serve their purpose, but if you are putting together a really nice game room, bistro, bar, restaurant then something a little more with a bit of character and worthy of a discussion was my goal in building these tables.  


We are already in 1 - 2 million dollar Steak House and Seafood Restaurant in Galveston,TX.



It takes about a week to turn out a block from its prior state into a beautiful pub table-  


The table is very sturdy and heavy!  The tops are about 72 lbs 



Species: Mixed Hardwoods 1.5 inch strips - Face Glued - Bolted

-Stain:  Walnut Gel Stain- 2 Coats

Finish: 4-6 Coats Polyurethane





Height:  41"

Spread:  24"

Weight: 52 lbs

Material: Cast Iron

Finish: Powdercoat- Black Semi-Gloss

Feet: Adjustable


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